Saturday, July 30, 2005

Worst party ever

Okay, so last night I attended my first official german birthday party... Man... I just learned that german nerds are the worst of all! No, I mean seriously... We get there, an the first person I see is this guy, mid-thirties, a lot of gray hair... These huge seventies glasses on, a black t-shirt with the face of a WOLF yes, those ugly t shirts I thought were banned in the 90's... And this WOLF t shirt is stuffed into really tight black jeans... that are held together by a brown belt with a huge gold medallion up front.Man.The other people all seem quite a bit nerdy, but hey, I tell myself I'm going to give it a go, I might have fun, you never know. It was supposed to be a garden party, with a BBQ, and all, and just as we arrived, although the day had started out beautiful, sunny and blazing hot, it started to rain. An dI mean POUR. Then it started to get windy and ended up being a full blown storm. So we moved the tables and chairs into the GARAGE. And the party was in the garage. yay.
We ate salad for a while, since the guys weren't successful with the barbecue before, oh, 10 pm. Anyways, I thought I should at least make conversation with someone, so I talked with a guy and his girlfriend, but she had this weird accent in german, I was having a hard time understanding her. SO she asks me :
her: asjlöle ajkldsaöken eei?
me: excuse me, could you repeat, I didn't get that? ( in german)
her:asjlöle ajkldsaöken eei? (exact same words, exact same speed...)
me: I'm sorry, but I don't understand, could you please repeat but just slower please? (still in german)
her: WAS STUDIERST DU? (tr. what do you study, but said in a REALLY simplified way and so slow it was like a video on slow motion)

God, I mean I'm a foreigner, not stupid.

Anyways, pretty much no one at the party were interested AT ALL about hearing from Canada, what I'm doing here or anything, which I found weird, cause if I met a foreigner in Montreal I would be damn curious about finding out about their country and all...

Oh Yeah I forgot to say, there was some music and if I remember well, the first song was from the star wars or lord of the rings soundtrack, and it didn't get much better after that. When the rain stopped, they put on " I like to move it move it"
from the Madagascar sound track and started dancing around in the garden. Priceless.
I did find one cool thing though... The guy let us in to his appartment and there was this swing chair that rocked here it is:

Here are the more interesting details about how german birthday parties work:
1. you don't bring alcohol or food. the birthday person is expected to invite everybody over and pay for all foo dand booze.
2. you are expected to bring a present. they are oppened at midnight.
3. There's always food, and not chips or something, FOOD: home made potato salad, greek salad, pasta salad, obviously sausage, and some meat, bread and tzatziki...
4: basically, on your birthday it costs you a lot to have your party (the is although really cheap here) but the rest of the year you get invited to all the other parties for free!
good concept!


Angel! said...

Please, tell me that you didn't hear the "Heeeeey Macarena"!!

Frankie said...

nope, thank god no macarena, but does cheesy german pop count?