Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Here I am on a little island in the Rhein near Bad Honnef. In Germany, it is allowed to drink alcohol publicly, and in festivals you can bring your own booze, so it's not so expensive. Here even the wine is cheap. We had a bottle of really good french wine for 3 euros (4,50$CAN)... incredible!! And the beer here is cheaper than cola, and is so good!

okay, so here is my first list of Weird and Funny Things in Germany:

1. Cereal: they call it 'muesli', and you think of muslix, mmmmm, but NO! here cereal is just like bird food.
2. Raucherkäse: why in the world would anybody want to smoke cheese? salmon, yes, cheese, no!
3. Cheese for breakfast: not cheddar, nono, camembert, brie and emmenthal...
4. Cake for breakfast: here is the dream of every 5 year-old north american kid.
5. Taking a piss: apparently here people piss anywhere. I was on my way back from a festival on the island, and a family was walking way in front of me on the street. Then, in the bushes in a garden in front a house, something was moving. I stop, thinking a cute squirrel or cat is going to come out, but a grown woman, the mother of the family, ducks out and buttons up her pants!!! what the???
6. sausages: here everything is called sausage: ham, foie gras, peperonni, baloney, you name it!
7. Oil of OlaZ??? enough said
8. Toilets... hmm hard to explain... It took me 2 days to understand them, but if you;ve been to europe you understand.
9. Baths: it's like a normal bath with a showerhead, but no shower walls or curtains... how are you supposed to use this thing? I sat in the bath and showered sitting, but I haven't figured out yet just how I'm supposed to use it.
10. Flowers: the flowers here are absolutely huge, and ironically, the bees are miniature.
11. old people: old people everywhere: riding bikes, drinking beer on a terrasse at noon... I can tell you I don't think they have nursing houses here!
12. Meals: they eat weird hard bread with fine cheese or sausage on it and birdfood for breakfast, then they eat a hot meal for lunch, and in the evening they eat hard bread with cheese and sausage (no birdfood this time)... and claim that the evening meal is totally different from breakfast. right.


Avril ''WildCat'' Morin said...

I wouldn't mind passing Fois gras as sausages...Mmmm, fois gras. maybe my boyfriend wouldn't see the difference?
And by the way, smoked cheese is very good, I am ashamed of you.... after all these years of my culinairy experience....
anyway, it looks like you're gonna have gained a few pounds next time I see you!

Frankie said...

;) no, I go hiking and cycling, fyi!