Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, all that studying has paid off!!

Guess what I did today?? I had an oral examination in history of english, dialectology and sociolectology. 20 minutes alone with the professor, having to answer tons of questions. I have been having nightmares about this exam for months. Guess what?

I got 100%, A+, 1.0, whatever your grading system is, ALL MY ANSWERS WERE RIGHT!!

I still can't believe it!

I was a bit sad though, cause a friend of mine who was also in my classes and with whom I studied for the exam got a 2.3 (I guess it would be a B-, but I'm not sure...) and she definitely knew more than I did...

I am so relieved!

Yesterday I had a written, today oral, thursday written again, next week wednesday oral and thursday written. If I survive until then, I should be ok...

In other academical news, last semester I had to give in a paper in french lexicography. Now mind you, the professor knew that I've been speaking german for only a couple of years, but still insisted on my writing it in german, not french. He also suggested a structure as an outline of my ideas, which I of course followed. I gave in the paper beginning of april...

Get this 1) he decided he didn't like the structure (uh, you kinda suggested it to me...)
and 2) he thought my german didn't sound scientifical enough (um, HELLO? I'd really like to see you write a paper in french!)

so basically I had to rewrite it completely. ugh. Thank god one of my classmates who happens to be the best in my program offered me to help me rewrite it. The poor guy sat down with me for FIFTEEN hours and rewrote the damn thing. I gave it in last week, and really hope I get a good mark for it...

Of course, just like last year, the exam weeks come and it's 37 degrees in Berlin

ok ok enough complaining, I did a GREAT job today! Yay me!

Can't wait to go camping this weekend!

ps. The bf is finishing his studies and will be living/working part time in Cologne, 6 hours away, starting in august, so I think I'll be back to posting more often by then !

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Rat In A Cage said...

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!


So you were all alone in a room, and got an A on your oral exam.

No wonder that other guy is so willing to help you with your re-write.


Seriously though - Congratulations!

That is great. I'm happy for you.