Monday, July 23, 2007

Great weekend

We went canooing, paddling from lake to lake through the canals and stopping on some beaches to have a cold drink... ahhhh

Then we decided to do some wild camping. From the boats we had spotted a cool beach where it would have been great to camp. Finding the exact area with the car was another thing... We were driving on the little road going around on the lakes (keep in mind we're way far on the countryside) and at one point, the only possible road that leads to the little beach we saw is actually forbidden.... But, there isn't any fence, and it's getting late, so we just decide, what the hell. Bad idea. after driving through the woods for what seems an eternity on this little path (it really wasn't a road), we come to a point where the path has been washed out and there's no way the car can make it through. The path wasn't great before, and we can't turn around, we can't drive back... So we had to construct a mini bridge out of rocks and wood...

And finally were able to drive over it, but half of the path caved in under the weight of the car and we barely made it. The car isn't young either (1991 Mercedes) andthe water in the motor started boiling ( you could HEAR it boil when we turned the motor off) so anyways, we arrived to this mill and finally got back to a normal road ( Iwas so grateful no one saw us arrive with the car from this forbidden path, and that we were actually able to get to the road) we finally couldn't find the beach, and settled for a little spot off the road in the woods.

It was getting dark, and putting the tents together was no easy task. We get the grill going, open some wine, put some meat on the fire and can finally relax after all this comotion when... we hear some scratching noises in the dark and something rumaging through our food box, meters away from us.

Here is the culprit:

after eating, we went to bed for a good night's sleep.... and were woken up around 5 or 6 am by afull force thunderstorm... We had of course left the pick-nick blanket, clothes and towels out. We hoped it would stop raining in a couple of hours... Well, around noon we gave up and packed everything completely wet into the car.

as we were all pretty wet, we drove to the first coffee shop we could find, dried off and had café au lait. mmm

It was a funny, adventurous, crazy weekend.

Thursday will be my last exam day... yippee!


Rat In A Cage said...

What a great adventure! Cool photos. Good luck on the last exam. Enjoy your break!!!

dean said...

Trop drôle. Vin... humm..