Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wahoo! Exams are over! No uni til mid october!

I don't even have to work until wednesday!

My schedule for tomorrow:

morning: appointment for a massage and some fango
afternoon: shopping!
evening: party! (a friend of mine is moving to Seattle and we're having a last big get together)

morning: sleep in
afternoon: meet a friend for coffee
evening: polterabend*

* remember the movie "poltergeist"? Well, a "Polterabend", or "polter-evening", is a German custom that people have before a wedding. One evening before the wedding, all the friends of the future married couple gather and through all the old dishes they have on the ground. The goal is to make as much noise as possible, to scare of the evil spirits, or "poltergeist" which might haunt the wedding. Funky, huh?

Sunday and Monday are still open, I think I'll work out, ride my bike, relax.


Rat In A Cage said...

Watch out for the crazy people on your bike ride.

Polterabend sounds insane - those wacky Germans! Have fun!

Enjoy your time off. Stop drinking so much ane emailing weird photos.

dean said...

Ouais, vraiment funky.