Monday, March 13, 2006

My Emotions

Sometimes i just can't take it anymore. Sometimes I just can't take it. He is in Spain, spends the saturday on the beach, having a vacation (language vacation to learn spanish). He chooses to just ignore me when I need him. It's so convenient to just fly away, ignoring my hurt and my wishes concerning his vacation. It's so easy to just shut his cell phone off and ignore my sms or calls. It's so easy for him to tell me on the phone that I should appreciate the LUXURY that I have, being in my home, where there's heating. excuse me? my luxury? staying alone in berlin to work because HE's gone to spain and marocco and doesn't know when he's coming back?

when you have a relationship, you don't just shut the other person out when you don't feel like it anymore.

I just couldn't take it anymore. I cried on the phone because I was so angry and I heard him chuckle in the background. Well, my evening here is going to be splendid, how about yours?

Sometimes I just feel like packing my bags and going home.


Anonymous said...

Don't go home! Certainly not over some guy. There's nothing worse than being the one left behind. I remember when my gf went away for 6 weeks to train for a new job. You're gonna have bad days, when they're havin good days, but when it's over it's over, and you get through it. Try to occupy your mind and keep busy. I know it sounds patronising, but I don't mean it in such a way. It works, and the days'll fly in. Also, I tried to keep in mind that there is usually a reason why your messages don't get through.These reasons will seem trivial to him, but it weighs on your mind. Relax and try to forget about it. In short. Don't stress. It'll be cool.


Frankie said...

Stouff: thanks, and all that you say, deep down inside, I already know it. I guess today is just a "bad" day. The worst thing is, I should be used to it. Last year I was home (Montreal) and he worked in Virginia Beach/New York/San Francisco ( always on business trip). We saw each other 5 times in 1 year. I guess you just never get used to these situations...

tnaks for the advice, I already feel better know that I've blown off some steam.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. That is a bummer. You're in control though. As my mother is fond of saying (in our crazy Glaswegian accents) Whits fur ye wont go by other words, what ever happens, you live to fight another day! Best of luck and I hope things work out.


Rat In A Cage said...

That sucks. Hire some Basque separatists to straighten him out.