Thursday, March 02, 2006

Carnaval! / Karneval!

I spent the last couple of days at Carnaval in Cologne... That was a great way to wind down from the exams! You have never seen so much beer, so many costumed drunken people sing, dance, party together

many parades, much much beer. The "kölsch" beer made in the region is really good! During Carnaval everybody is pretty much allowed to do what they want. You drink beer from right after lunch ( when you wake up) til the early hours of the morning).

young or old, everybody parties together.

At the "Rosenmontag" parade there are so many people! People gather around at the windows and the parade people throw candies at eveyone... It's like Halloween for adults with beer.

I'm speechless.

Geil, oder???

Kölle Alaaf!

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Anthony said...

Yes...Fasching Fest in Bavaria was also way cool.