Sunday, September 18, 2005


so, in 5 hits I'm going to be at 500 visitors. Funny tha not a lot of people actually leave comments...


realname-jo said...

I guess it would be a little obnoxious if I left five separate posts just so I could be the Jordan 500.

I could be like:

Post 496:

Post 497:

Post 498:

Post 499:

Post 500:
That’s right me!!! Jordan

That was a very sad post yesterday, are you feeling better?

Please tell Carsten I thank him profusely for telling me about skype, I called a buddy of mine in France today for like 2 Canadian cents per minute. Dope!


Frankie said...


I think I am starting to feel gradually better, it's just that I've had so much stress recently with my university stuff and living here and everything that it felt like after the exam was done, my body was just shutting down on me (between saturday and sunday I slept 10 hours, and still had to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon...)

but now I'm taking it slow, starting to prepare for my oral examination, trying not to give in too much to the anxiety...


Angel! said...

It's such a tiny-little-small percentage of readers who leave comments.

"Brake a leg" on that oral exam (I could make a joke here but I'll just shut the * up)...

Anthony said...

yeah, I almost never get comments on mine.

Frankie said...

LOL thanks for the good words cendrine!