Saturday, October 22, 2005


howly cow has it been a while! so, had my first classes at the uni, met tons of people! Last night I was invited out with a group of girls (all german, yay!) and really had a good time. It felt SO GREAT to finally meet new people, make new friends and just have a blast... Get a load of this: my bf met a girl in one of his classes, she's german, went to canada, met a canadian, brought him back, and they're here in Berlin since the beginning of october. How cool is that?!?! They're coming over tonight for drinks. I found a mini job as tutor for a 13 year old kid in english and french, and it's pretty well payed, and he's so bad he needs 6 hours a week ( that's more than what he actually gets in school). But hey, I'm not complaining! I also signed up for a hip hop class at the university's sport center, which feels soooo great to finally be moving and dancing again ( I used to do hip hop once a week in montreal and I was REALLY missing it!) I also made a friend there, a girl from Leipzig. It's really great here, I'm finding out I make friends so easily, and also that my german is actually quite good! Everything is going so fast, I'm absolutely exhausted of all the new experiences, the new classes at university, the new friends, FINALLY starting to really party again, but I am absolutely happy. And the Queen of the world. HA!


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Avril ''WildCat'' Morin said...

YAY you!... hi hi hi.
I'm happy for you honey.