Monday, October 10, 2005

International Students

Today was the first meeting at university. a presentation of the Uni, campus tour, international student activities etc... Well, turns out almost all of the international students are here with an exchange program, and a lot of them know each other from their home country. I tried many times to make conversation with other students, but they just kept to themselves and basically would answer my question ("where are you from? what subject are you studying?") and then turn away. HOW RUDE!


And of course I am THE ONLY canadian at this University.

I can't wait til semester starts, so I can meet german students. maybe they'll be nicer. I mean, what's wrong with me? I don't think I'm some sort of weird person they would want to avoid???

anyways, the stupid guided tour for romanistik students was shit, the student-guide knew less as I did about certain things around campus ( Ok, I am very resourceful, but come on!)

I'll pretty soon need to find a job, and honestly it's scaring me to death, probably having to work with the public... in german.

well. off to Ikea tomorrow to buy curtain holders!


Angel! said...

Work as a "University campus tour guide"!!

Frankie said...

LOL!!! if only it were paid work and more than 2 hours worth of work per year!!!