Monday, June 27, 2005

Life goes on

Hey everyone! So here I am in Montreal since thursday... it feels like I haven't been here in ages, I can't wait to see my friends, but... it's like realizing that while I've been away, their lives have gone on! Even one of my friends with who i used to hang out with doesn't have much time to see me... I guess that's what happens when you leave for a while: you keep in your mind the memories of how it was when you lived there, but everyone else moves on, and when you come back, it's awkward... thank god for family! I'll be going out with my little firefighter brother on tuesday night, so that's going to be cool...

It's hard to see who are your real friends and who aren't... with what I've lived with in the past months, I can say that often, the people who really care about you and keep in touch are not always those you imagined would... and unfortunately, often those who you were sure would always stay in your life... don't.

ah well, I guess life goes on, and as I chose to leave, I can't expect others to hang on to our friendship and communication. That, my friend, is the liberty of personnal choice... to make your own, and leave others free to choose as well!

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Avril ''WildCat'' Morin said...

Should I feel bad about what you say in this post and try to change and write to you more often or can I just keep being selfish and forgetful as always?