Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Ok, I am really ashamed of myself... It started out as a really good idea. My boyfriend and I, staying in Virginia Beach for a while, had decided that we were going to save a lobster! The plan was simple: buy a lobster at the local farm fresh, bring him home, and then set him free in the ocean at the beach... It just seemed like a really good idea, saving a lobster's life and all but... we got home, the phone rings and it's my boyfriend's colleague. So we put the lobster (Ned) in the sink with some water, so he won't die... Guess what? LOBSTERS DIE IN FRESH WATER!!! I had even put some salt in the water... half an hour later, I walked up to the sink to check on Ned and... Dead! I shamefully admit that I, Francoise, have killed a lobster tonight!

Farewell, Ned, R.I.P.


Angel! said...

Ooooo, poor lobster: it had a chance to make it alive and go back to its normal lobster's life and....... that's sad! You are sooo sweet, trying to save a lobster.

Avril ''WildCat'' Morin said...

did you eat it? If you didn't, your're a lobtser killer AND a lobster waster... sincerly, I'm not sure which is worst.