Saturday, June 25, 2005


So here I am in Montreal, after the fabulous 18 hour bus ride. What a ride! the first bus ride overnight from norfolk to new york was full, and I was stuck next to a guy who snored and farted until 2 am, and then decided he wanted to talk until 4 am! UGH! I couldn't sleep anyways... there were 2 buses following each other, and at 3 am the other bus kicked off another girl because she kept talking loudly and walking up and down the aisle and wouldn't listen to the driver... in the middle of nowhere, at 3 am, the girl tried to get on our bus, but the driver wouldn't let her, and she got stuck there!!

I had forgotten how many homeless people there was on the street in montreal... but it's good to be home!

saying of the day: success isn't a destination, it is the journey.

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