Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Going home

Today was my last day in Virginia Beach, I'm taking the Greyhound tomorrow (18 hours to montreal - yay!) today we went to the beach for the last time. It's always funny how the last day something bad always happens. My boyfriend was in the water today and a huge wave crashed on him so hard he was rammed into the ocean floor, and now has a huge bloody bruise going down most of the left side of his back... Earlier the waves were really weak, but they had gotten really strong!

I'm really excited about going home, seeing my friends and family that I haven't seen in two months, but at the same time, it looks like it's going to be pretty hectic : I'm there for ten days only, and everybody wants to have a evening with me! It's so hard to coordinate my time! I've resorted to dividing my days and evenings, say driving to ottawa for lunch with my grandma and coming back to go out with my friends, but this is going to be really complicated. Plus, I'm staying at my mom's, and she took some days off to spend more time with me, but that just complicates everything! And almost everybody is guilt-tripping me about how they can't believe I'm doing this, and how we don't know when we'll see each other the next time, and it's driving me crazy!

The funniest thing is, old friends, friends that I would hardly see twice a year when I still was in Montreal are freaking out about my leaving, but in reality, we didn't even get together so often anyways. I'm not saying they're not great friends and that I'm not really grateful to have them in my life, but say I come back to visit once or twice a year, not much will change in our relaitonship and how often we see each other.

funny, I guess sometimes you really just want to be with someone when you know that they are leaving...

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DO I have feel bad again?