Sunday, March 01, 2009

I love cats, but...

I had a cat as I was growing up. Got him when I was 11, and he was my companion throughout my teenage years, survived the move into my tiny first appartment, the move to the second larger appartment with rommate, and when I moved to Germany, my cat retired and lived on a farm on the countryside :)

This week my neighbour was moving, and to help her out, I agreed to catsit her 2 adults cats for a day and a half. I never thought 36 hours could be so long.

First of all, it was kind of tricky, logistically speaking, because of Pouki-Helmoutte, so I put the hamster's cage in the hallway, and kept the cats in the living room / dining room / kitchen. During the first hour, the cats were a bit scared, and meowed a lot. As I was leaving the living room, they slipped through my legs and got into the hallway. All the noise had woken Pouki up and she came out of her nest. I froze for a second, afraid the cats would hunt my baby down.

1-Cats see hamster, and freeze.
2-Hamster sees cats, stands on her hind legs, and makes a loud noise I have NEVER heard her make before (kind of like a hamster-hiss, I guess)
3- Cats freak out and run away!!!

Good Pouki.

Anyways, I still locked the door after that, just to be sure.

Having cats is fun, you always get a surprise each time you come home (Friday afternoon - cats had thrown salt and pepper shakers on the floor, and my whole living room was now perfectly seasoned. Friday night, I no longer had a tablecloth on my table. Saturday morning, there was cat litter underneath the whole length of my dining room table - how appetizing)

Needless to say, as friends of the cat mommy arrived Saturday afternoon to pick them up, I was VERY happy. And celebrated by cleaning the whole appartment, which looked like the cats had shed ALL their winter fur in the 36 hours they were here.

I LOVE having a hamster!!!!

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Rat In A Cage said...

Pouki rules! I can hear that hiss.

If I offer you a big hug, would it be seen as the blatant attempt to press your breasts into me it is or would you actually think I was trying to console you after this ordeal?

I'd offer to help clean instead, but I am super allergic to cat hairs.

Sounds like a comedy, as long as it happened to someone else. Glad you both survived the weekend.