Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elections in Canada

We'll have a new Prime Minister today... I hope!

I wasn't allowed to vote, based on the fact that I do not, for now, have the intention of returning to Canada in the long term, but if I'd have been allowed to, I would have voted for Jack Layton (Leader of the New Democratic Party).


Rat In A Cage said...

Sorry on that then. I see the Conservative Party won. At least your former homeland has been certified to have the strongest economy anywhere so the fascists must be doing something right.

Mathieu said...

"so the fascists must be doing something right."

Il est toujours d'avoir un avis étranger sur les politiques intérieures d'un pays...

Ça montre à quel point on peut ne pas connaître ses voisins.

Je suis heureux que l'on ne vote pas à l'élection américaine.