Friday, August 10, 2007

Bachelorette party

We had my friend's bachelorette party on saturday. It was my first ever, so I can't really say if they're different than what we have in Canada, but this is how it went.

We surprised our friend with a pick nick in the park. We were eight girls, had oppened a bottle of the bubbly stuff and were wearing these really cute head bands with hearts on them - she really laughed when she saw this. Then, we got her really drunk and then told her she actually had a mission to accomplish - she had a "letter" from the heavenly council, and she is the lucky winner of a place on cloud 9. The only thing is, she has to finance her way there. She is awaited on August 25th (wedding day). Then, we gave her a basket full of stuff she had to sell on the street to men (home made cherry and chocolate muffins) and we dressed her up as an angel (it was really funny, she had golden wings and all). Since she was really drunk, she seemed to have no inhibitions at all, and not only sold all the muffins, but also all the fruit we had brought along and one of our headbands for a grand total of 50 euros!!

This financed the second part of the evening. We went to the Ballhaus in Berlin Mitte, which is a cool bar where you can dance, and they also serve food. They mostly played eighties music and my friend kept her angel cosutme on - it was really funny. After a few hours of dancing and drinking we then went on to another smaller cosy bar where the waiter offered us cherry vodka shots on the house...

I was tired on sunday!!

But I still went kayaking with the bf on the Tegel Lake, which was great.

Yesterday I discovered a new location close to my home - on top of a mall close to my appartment, they turned the roof top parking deck into a beach bar - complete with palm trees and sand. Last night I went there with the boyfriend to watch the sun set, barefoot in the sand. It was really cool, and there were so many planes taking off from Tegel airport. I wonder if any were leaving for Montreal...


dean said...

Sunset... so nice.

Got any pictures of your bachelorette party for your old and single friend here? ;))

Rat In A Cage said...

That all sounds so cool. I want to find a place like the rooftop bar - photos!!! Glad you had fun - you SHOULD be tired after nights like that or else you did something wrong. Enjoy the rest of your summer, Frankie! :-)