Saturday, May 19, 2007


Is the percentage of body mass that I have lost since my highest body mass, in January 2005. It's taking a hell of a long time, but I'm noticing that my body is losing the weight in about the same amount of time it took to put it on... Logical, isn't it?



Rat In A Cage said...

That is excellent! Congratulations!!! Any secrets you can share? Other than the obvious eat less, excercise more?

It's good you see the relation between time on, time off. Too many people look for miracles overnight & give up.

Rock on, rabbit.

Frankie said...

sorry, no secrets, just the obvious!

my mom calls me rabbit too (in french, lapin)

Rat In A Cage said...

:-) Lapin!

dean said...


Keep up the good work!! Quand ça marche, tu ne changes rien et tu continues le bon travail!



dean said...

Coucou, je t'ai taggé!! Oups! Voir sur mon blogue!
Have fun!!