Friday, January 19, 2007

Back to normal life

Well, 2007 has started pretty well for me. I'm inching back into normal life, and have started a new job after many difficulties with my last employer. All has resolved itself in the best manner possible for me. My new job is to assist a french teacher at the technical university in Berlin. I am helping in planning language trips to France and eventually Canada. I will get to give my own french class at the language insitute in April. It's really weird to see my name on the teacher's list. Some of the students will be older than me. I'm a bit afraid, but terribly excited!
The teacher with whom I work is really a great guy. He has 25 years experience in the field and just knows so much about it.

Much positive vibes in Berlin. New projects, new ideas, new moods - a new beginning.


Rat In A Cage said...

Best of luck!!!

Sounds like a great opportunity & if you need any knees broken at the old employer, let me know!

I hope your transition back to life in Germany is smooth & you don't hesitate to kick ass on the first student who makes trouble for you by giving them a photo of my profile pic & tell them I owe you & work for free & will pretty much do anything to anyone who messes with the only Canadian babe I know in Germany!!!

Frankie said...

LOL thanks, I will keep that in mind, although I am not sure if it really is in line with the university's employee code of conduct...

"Learn your vocabulary for next monday or my blogger scary looking friend Rat will beat you up!"

hmm think it'll work?

Rat In A Cage said...

YOu have to whisper it to them when you one else can hear you: denialibility! I used it when I taught - it works. Once I got called to the principal's office, and just looked dumb founded. The kid got suspended for the incident & for lying. He had threatened to beat up a "special" kid so I told him he'd be the one in the hospital if I ever heard of him hassling the other kid. Buhahaha!

No one believed the kid who was always in trouble, and I told him they never would. I smiled at him on the way out of the office.