Sunday, February 05, 2006

Under Pressure

What is pressure?

Is it the deadlines we don't meet?

The ones we accept well knowing we won't be able to meet them?

Is it the tone in the boss/spouses voice when you walk in the door?

The tone in the messages on the answering machine?

The guilt when we see the number on caller id and don't answer?

I think the only real pressure we experience is the one we put on ourselves. It's not the external factors, triggers and situations that make us react this way, it's actually our own reaction that is the key element, the source. We cannot control ourselves completely, never will be able too, never be able to control the external world.

What if the key to it would be letting everything go? To stop the continuous flow of images in our head and just experience the silence.

enjoy the silence (depeche mode)

I aspire to interior peace and hope one day I will be able to fully let go.

can you?


Avril ''WildCat'' Morin said...


Dino said...

Letting go, letting go... A friend of mine has a chinese tattoo of those words in the bottom of her lower back. It gives me a lot of ideas...haha

Encore une fois, quels beaux mots miss, thanks!