Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Los geht's!

So, I am finally back in Honnef, and here are some pictures from our trip!!!

here we go!

We drove the first day and spent the night in a bed n breakfast...

near Rothenfels, a small town on the Main (like in frankfurt am Main) Here is a picture of Rothenfels

We then drove to Bamberg, in Bavaria. Bavaria is well known for it's really cheap, gutbürgerliche küche. That means, lots of sausages, sauerkraut and beer for not a lot of money. here is a photo of Bamberg, a student town in Bavaria. Lots of clubs and Bars actually close during months when students are not in town. Here is a photo of the town center:

And when I say cheap beer, here is an actual photo of a 1 litre beer krug that I purchased in a Biergarten (yep... a garden where you go to drink beer in the summer.. and you're allowed by law to bring your own food)it costed...

3 EUROS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4,50 can dollars!!!)

Then we drove to Nürnberg, where we visited an old roommate of mine, Ulrich... Here he is with the bf in Nürnberg gardens :

That night, we drank beer and watched Germany's national sport, fußball, or , in north america, soccer. The people here are nuts about it, it's like hockey in Canada.The next day, we visited catacoombs under the city :

Basically, passageways and rooms underneath the city in which they used to store beer te keep it cold in the middle ages. In the middle ages, beer was actually considered as food, as everyone drank it: women, men, children. It had more calories and less alcohol as now (2-3%) and was a strong part of the daily menu. They only built the tunnels during the second world war, and when Nürnberg was attacked on January 2nd, 1944, 55 000 people took shelter in these beer kellers and tunnels. TO this day, many older citizens of Nürnberg claim that "beer saved our lives" :)

The last interesting stop before Austria was the customs... There aren't any customs here (european union), so all you see as you zoom through on the highways are empty toll stations... actually I didn't get any stamp at all as I flew here, and One guy n france barely blinked at my passport... Theoretically I coul stay here as long as I want even if I didn't have a visa, and just say I just got here a week ago if anyone ever asked questions... anyway, here are the abandonned customs:

Next post will be about Austria and Vienna


Angel! said...

My mother and her BF stayed in Germany for a year and didn't have as much pics as you!! Thanks to you, I now get to see what Germany looks like...

About the visa, my mother BF who had a working contract with Siemens but at the end an expired visa went into big-big troubles at the airport when wanting to come back so watch out. If they don't care when you go into their country, they do when you leave!

Frankie said...

thanks for the advice, nevertheless I will be receiving a student visa :)

Avril ''WildCat'' Morin said...

Wow, nice pics!
I haven't looked at the next posts so far but it looks like you're having a good time.
I got in trouble about my visa in Australia too (it was 3 days overdue and I couldn't leave the contry!)... I was completly freaked out! But you're not like me and you actually remember these things.