Sunday, April 01, 2007

Not dead yet

Where do I start? Hmm, let's just say I am overwehelmed a bit by my real life.. In a good and a bad way. I'm actually on "vacation" (semester break) since end of february, but then I had 4 exams to write, 2 papers and one essay. My last paper has to be handed in tomorrow and I have written 2 pages out of 12. Yay! I'm kinda pulling out my hair, here, people!

Other than that I'm also working at the uni and will be giving my first french class on april 26th, to a group of about 20 students. I think I'm going to be a good teacher. I've been dreaming of being the boss in the classroom since my childhood and now it's finally becoming reality.

March in Berlin is kinda depressing, cause all my friends go "home" for the holidays and it kinda pisses me off, but at the same time maybe I'm just jealous cause my family is too far away for me to visit during the holidays. Plus, I have to work anyways and many of my friends don't have to work. Can you say "daddy's girl"? Whatever.

A year ago, my dad was in Berlin with me and I have to say I do miss him.

My bf is in Cologne, he has a job interview on tuesday. He'll be finished with his masters in the next months and up til now, it looks like the job in Cologne would be the best opportunity. However, it might mean that he would start in the next weeks while writing his thesis, which means he would live in Cologne two weeks a month. bleh.
It would also mean that I would move to Cologne eventually, after my studies. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in Berlin, anyways, but it kind of scares me, becuase I feel like I'm just getting the hang of it ( the uni just renewed my contract for 12 months) financially, my social life is good, the relationship with my bf is actually wonderful, and now the whole thing has to change again. it's really scary.

All around me, many people are living difficult situations right now, and all I want to say is life is the hardest teacher, cause it gives you tests before you get the lesson. I don't remember who said that, but it's a quote...


Rat In A Cage said...

Good luck with it all. Don't take any crap when teaching. They sense fear. They really do. It's like the law of the jungle in there.

I know you ended up kicking ass on your paper today so congratulations!! Way to go.

Good luck with the eventual move & it was great hearing from you.

Kasey said...

That quote at the end is something I need to remember. Glad I popped over to read.

Dino said...

La vie nous teste toujours...
Joyeuse Pâques!