Monday, July 17, 2006

one week...

and I'll be done with my semester!! I just finished a take home exam, have 2 more to go on friday and saturday morning and then I'm done until mid october! woo-hoo!!

By the way, What is the deal with exams on a saturday morning at 9 am???? I really don't get it, I mean would it kill them to put it from 12 to 3pm instead? oh well. I guess I'll just have to get my lazy ass out of bed earlier...

I feel like I've been PMSing for three weeks now... wonder what's up with that!

In August we're travelling to East Europe. Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova... we'll see what we actually have time to do, but still, it'll be awesome to see a part of Europe that is a little stuck back in time and used to be under communism. Unfortunately, things in these countries are evolving fast, catching on to capitalism and I think you have to hurry up if you want to get a glimpse at all at what it was like.

I'm SO due for a vacation...

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Rat In A Cage said...


Your brain is sharper in the AM.

They want to get home & bang the misses in the afternoon.

Hey, guess what? I have postcards from all over the world when people travel. Think if you emailed me, I could send you my address? I'd be happy to mail you $ to cover it all.

Have a great summer!!!!